Welcome to Benny's Restaurant

San Jose Succotz, Cayo, Belize, Central America

San José Succotz and Xunantunich on the Western Highway, the village of SAN JOSÉ SUCCOTZ lies beside the Mopan River about 12km southwest of San Ignacio, just before Benque Viejo. It's a very traditional village in many ways, inhabited largely by Mopan Maya, who throw a fiesta here on the weekend after Holy Saturday (Easter). Under colonial administration, the Maya of Succotz cooperated with the British, a stance that angered other groups, such as the Icaiché, who burnt the village to the ground in 1867. The people here still identify strongly with their Maya culture, and many of the men work as caretakers at Maya sites throughout Belize.

Outside fiesta times, the village is fairly sleepy, and the main reason most people come is to see the Classic-period site of Xunantunich, up the hill across the river. Just before Succotz, Trek Stop's wooden cabins (see " Trek Stop and Tropical Wings Nature Center") offer some great budget accommodation, well positioned for visiting the ruins. Trek Stop has great meals, but for more variety you can head into the village, about three blocks uphill from the bus stop on the highway, to Benny's Kitchen ( Telephone823-2541). This open-air restaurant serves Belizean dishes at very reasonable prices, and the milkshakes are excellent. On ‘D' Way restaurant, on the highway between Trek Stop and Xunantunich, sells delicious, fried tacos and salbutes – quick, delicious snacks. For souvenirs, the Magaña family's art gallery and gift shop ( Telephone823-2285), just south of Hua Young Supermarket, deals in superb wood and slate carvings.

Benny’s Kitchen is owned and manage by Beningno Chan and family a native of the village they also runs a grocery store right next to the restaurant, we open every day from 7:00 in the morning until 10:00 pm on week ends we open until 12:00 mid night,  you can place your order by phone, we pack and serve to go.

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